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meet Eileen

I love the journey I am on this life.  No matter what stones get thrown toward me there is always a joyous outcome.  I like to say, "Choose to be happy, no matter what."  It works most of the time.  

It's like a balancing of the stones...the foundation has heavier, more dense rocks and debris.  Each layer up is a little lighter, the stones being cast a little smaller, until the top.  The top stone is the smallest, the lightest, and there is only one left to place, to balance on top with a clear path or positioning so it doesn't topple the entire pillar.  It takes care, focus, time and a steady hand.  Each spiral in my life has a complete set of balancing rocks.  It is a magician's journey, using the tools learned with each completed pillar -to get to that one Light stone, time after time...and see the connection and growth from bottom to top.  This connection being like a thread of light that runs through center of each stone,  Yes, I call this the Innate.  I believe in the balancing act of day to day life, and the reflection time with the stars.  Star beings are my thang.

One of the main reasons I am so impassioned with the journey is the resources, the expansion and the magic that unfolds.  It reveals those grains of sand, which are the experiences that become lessons, that become wisdom.  Oh, the stories the grains of sand could tell!

Those stories lead me to you.  To guide you on your balancing of the day to day, work-relationships-humanity-stress-family-grief-decisions - your ascension journey... all of it.  Showing you the rocks being cast in your direction and the upward building blocks toward your own ONE Light stone. I love this journey!  And being on it together, me in my service reflecting to you your pillars and how to get there.  Let's get building!