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You're busy with life and need answers sooner than later.  There's A LOT going on within and around us.  Flash Readings are offered in 15 minute increments in the moment!  At checkout use the "quantity" to fill in how many 15 minute readings you would like back to back. For example: you want to schedule one 45 minute reading.  Enter "3" in the "quntity" box.




  • At least one full, Live Your Light Session
  • We have discussed the guidelines for Flash Readings,
  • your payment for the Flash Reading has been made prior to you texting me for an one-the-go, in-the-moment, spontaneous NOW reading. 
  • Your intention and question is ready so we can get on with it - remember, it's Flash inSights in the moment so solutions and guidance happens quickly in a short time frame of 15 minutes.
  • Reminder:  Once I receive your Flash payment and your text requesting a Flash Reading I will immediately call you back at my very next open time slot.  Whether I am currently in another reading session or I am out to dinner, you are next on my list!  
  • Flash Readings are available any time I have the time within the following reasonable parameters:
    • Flash Sessions are offered starting at 8am until 8pm (Mon - Sat)
    • Please be kind and have patience as I may be in a guidance session for another manifestor.  I will text you back with the time I will be able to call you for your reading asap, or I may call you right away.  I appreciate you - you and all of my manifestors are important to me and I value you 100%.  I simply have not figured out to be me and fully present while in multiple readings - YET!

Flashed of inSight - Readings on-the-go (15 min increments)