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Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking into the future... (name that song) 

Physics is the only science that explicitly studies time, but even physicists agree that time is one of the most difficult properties of our universe to understand. ... In the sciences generally, time is usually defined by its measurement: it is simply what a clock reads.  It is man made, yet it is based on the movement of nature: the sun and the moon.

Time, like the innate energy (that I like to call the Light) that runs through every living being in nature, simply happens.  It is a simple concept but one of great depth, and is not easily comprehended when tuning in to either (time and The Innate ).  

Are you ready to become conscious of your Innate, your Light?  Bringing this consciousness into your daily awareness will change your life - and have your beingness, your Light, working for you. 


You are timeless.  Therefore, you have an immense vortex of information and energy running through your cellular consciousness that you may have been unaware of.  Until now.

The Innate

The Innate is the indwelling, meaning the natural, inherent,  hard wiring of our consciousness ~ the flow that is built into the body-mind-spirit connection.  Your Light.

Have you ever wondered what is the power behind your body systems working?  Your senses, your lungs, your heart, your kidney's, your brain, your cells reproducing, your blood pumping through your veins? 

The Innate is that source that keeps it all going.  The Innate is consciousness even if the awake us is not aware of this consciousness.  The Innate runs on automatic, and in a sense does not require our awareness to work.  It is our unconscious consciousness.  The Innate is the program that the central main server runs on from the inception of You as a spirit to and through each creation of you.  The Innate keeps the systems going and directs the flow.  You are in essence, brilliant.

"There is divinity in your DNA. 

Live Your Light." ...Carlos Santana

Light Coaching with Eileen connects you to the Innate You and strengthens your relationship with your own, unique Super You Power..  She is a guide and an ally on your Consciousness Training, self realization journey.  Life-Path Design work with the Innate is groundbreaking Light Coaching that bridges the Spiritual with Science.  This is metaphysics in action, and Quantum Physics in a practical enlightenment way for your understanding, every day transformation, healing and prospering.

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